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Each dealership is different. You should have a DMS that is built to your needs, your challenges, and your goals. All in one integrated location.
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Sales & Inventory

With Lightspeed, you can deliver excellent and personalized customer experience all while showcasing and selling the right units at the right time.
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F & I

Whether you’re trying to sell more add-on products, improve your compliance or refine your credit process, Lightspeed is ready to empower your dealership for what’s next.
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Parts & Service

If you aren’t able to sell what’s in stock or replenish what isn’t, you are losing money. Serve your customers better by optimizing your dealership with Lightspeed.
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Dealership Operations

Communication is key to a successful business. Whether it is how you keep in touch with your customers or even how your team communicates with other departments, we help connect the unconnected.

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We exist to help your dealership thrive no matter the industry. That is why we are constantly innovating and developing solutions to help you serve your customers.


We have been a long-time client of Lightspeed. During the spring of 2018, we opened up our new flagship dealership, Triumph Cleveland. We decided to try a different DMS provider because it sounded like it offered much of the same functionality as Lightspeed EVO, but at a cheaper price point. While the provider was adequate overall, we found it lacked the necessary level of functionality for reporting and accounting – two critical pieces in understanding the performance of our dealership. The QuickBooks integration proved to be a less than ideal solution for Powersports dealers, which ultimately led us to switch DMS providers. Lightspeed EVO is a rock-solid product, complete with built-in accounting software that provides a robust and foolproof process. We’re happy to bring Lightspeed into our dealership.
Cody Atkinson
Most salespeople we deal with tell us what we want to hear and dump us. Lightspeed is probably the first to back it up. I think the training you all do before hand is great, especially for a new dealership with limited knowledge of best practices. Feel free to send potential customers my way. I don’t give out many compliments like this, so enjoy it and know that you have truly earned our business!
Landon Barrow
Thanks to all of the teams for helping to make our transition to EVO easy. I really think that it helped that everyone had completed all of their training. Having a test site setup that everyone was able to play on prior to Go Live was really the critical part. I made sure that all departments knew specifically how to “collect money” and sell stuff. We had a few weeks of slow business prior to the change, and it exploded on Tuesday as everyone came into the new system. The Parts department had very few problems and had a big day on Tuesday. The Service department also had very few problems as well as F&I. Overall this went extremely well for us. We still are on a pretty big learning curve to find all the new bells and whistles but we’ re off to an excellent start.
Andy Galliher
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