Streamline with Electronic Signatures

Lightspeed eSignature, improves your customer experience, creates efficiencies and eliminates cost related to paper-based processes.


Streamline Sales & Service

Sales and Service forms can be sent electronically to the customer via email or text. Upon receipt, the customer can open the document, click or touch the signature line, and send the electronically signed form back to Lightspeed via email or text. This process reduces the number of printed contracts and makes the service and sales process easier for your customers. All of this promotes an easy to use, efficient user experience for the Lightspeed user and promotes customer satisfaction.


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Lightspeed eSignature: For Inspections

Lightspeed offers customized forms for unit inspection, which the service tech can also access via their mobile phone and share for eSignature.

Lightspeed eSignature:  Mobile

Lightspeed eSignature can be used by a service technician via the Lightspeed Mobile App to dramatically improve the check-in process.

Lightspeed eSignature: Customer Approvals

Lightspeed eSignature supports customer job approvals for Repair Orders in your service department. A customer can remotely approve or decline Repair Order jobs using eSignature.

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