Growing Up with Lightspeed

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At Lightspeed, we're not just a Dealer Management Solutions company but also enthusiasts. Some of my fondest memories as a kid were the Saturdays I spent going to the bike shop with my dad. The shiny new bikes and the smell of rubber and gasoline were awesome!

One day I was at my local shop picking up some parts for my dirt bike. I asked for a job application and quickly filled out the form. Shortly after, I was hired! I can still remember that November day in 1995, logging into Lightspeed for the first time. I was so nervous, cashiering my first parts invoice. But, it turns out, it was actually pretty easy, and I was so proud of myself! After all, I was a dirt biker, not a computer guy!

I learned a lot over the next 16 years working in the dealership. In fact, I knew enough to earn myself a career working for Lightspeed. It's been almost 30 years since I first logged into Lightspeed. I still love going to the bike shop with my dad on Saturdays. I'm still a dirt biker and use Lightspeed every day. Many of the folks I work with share the same passion for the industry that I do! We're not just a dealer management solutions company but also enthusiasts. Let us show you how Lightspeed can work for your business. (When we get a minute, we can talk about the new bikes, boats, and RVs hitting the showroom this year!)

Bryan Tierney
Bryan Tierney has been a Lightspeed team member for more than 12 years and has served in numerous roles including Sales Engineer, Onsite Trainer Consultant, Support Agent and Business Analyst. In addition, Bryan has nearly 30 years of experience with Lightspeed including 16+ years as a Lightspeed user in a dealership environment. In his free time, Bryan enjoys all things recreation industry and is an avid motorcycle rider.