It’s the weekend and time to start your honey-do list. But to complete the work, you must go to the shed and pull out the right tools: a drill, hammer, screws, and maybe even paint. Without the right tools, the job will not get done, at the very least, not completely.

Let’s put this in terms of Lightspeed. You need tools to run your business, a complete set of tools. It is a new year, and now is the time for you to take inventory of your DMS. Lightspeed is a holistic solution to your dealership needs. Using every part of the system completely will give you the best results. Too often, we get stuck in day-to-day operations and never look past what we know. So ask yourself this question – what do I need to do that I am not doing or am doing outside of Lightspeed?

Below is a list of tools in every department that you may not be using but should be:


  • Escalator
  • Buying Guide
  • Reorder methods
  • Reorder Quantities
  • Shipping Inquiry
  • Special Orders
  • Layaways


  • Service Scheduler
  • Standard Jobs
  • Flat Rate Techs
  • Tech Statistics Report
  • Industry Benchmark Reports (RECT)


  • Menu Selling
  • Payment Options
  • Commission Tracking


  • Follow up Chains for Service
  • Follow up Chains for Sales
  • Communication internally and externally
  • Customer Reminders
  • Internal Reminders


  • Scan Inventory for Physical Inventory
  • Service Unit Check In
  • Tech Clock In/Out
  • Create and Complete Follow ups for CRM
  • Major Unit Inventory Photos
  • Doc Report


  • GL Schedules
  • Financial Report
  • Spreadsheet Reports
  • Transaction Inquiry
  • Year End Processing -do not wait!




All of these tools should be integrated into your daily routine. If you do not know what they are, use Service Connect to find out what they are and how to use them. These tools will help streamline your processes and make your Lightspeed more functional for you.

I recently went to a dealership and worked with the Service Manager for three hours. When I was done, he told the store manager that he learned more from my session than he had in the two years he had been on Lightspeed. So my point is – all of the things are in the system and there for you to use; it is a matter of taking some time to learn and use them.

It is a new year! Your Lightspeed DMS is your shed. Within your shed are the tools you need to do your job, do it right, and do it well. So, isn’t it time you opened the door?

Lightspeed is the #1 Dealer Management Solution used within the Recreation industry for a good reason. We provide a completely integrated solution for dealers, OEMs and their customers. Our goal is to help you operate your business more efficiently and profitably so you can spend more time doing what you love.

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