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Yamaha Lightspeed EVO Integration

Everyone in the powersports industry is used to running lean. Lightspeed and Yamaha are teaming up to help give you what you need most — time. This will allow you to focus on providing an amazing experience for your customers


These integrations are now available
FOR your dealership free of charge.

Yamaha Lead Integration

Receive leads generated by Yamaha directly into your LightspeedEVO CRM. This will reduce manual entry and provide a streamlined follow-up process.

Yamaha VIN Decoding

Now you can enter the VIN and the system will pull the pertinent Year/Make/Model details. This will ensure consistent data entry with accurate unit information.

Yamaha Parts Warehouse Locator

See warehouse availability of parts from within your Lightspeed Parts invoice and ordering screen so you can manage your customers' expectations for estimated arrival times.

Yamaha Warranty Term and Expiration Update

You can import the Warranty Term and Expiration date for the factory and extended warranty on a specific VIN entered on a customer unit record. This can be done directly on a customer unit record under the system menu or while editing a service repair order.

Yamaha Warranty Claim Integration

After creating service warranty jobs for a Yamaha unit, you can upload the warranty jobs information to YDS from LightspeedEVO. This helps reduce the amount of manual entry needed to process your claims.

Yamaha Service Bulletin Recall Notification

After entering a valid VIN in a service repair order, you can receive bulletin notifications for the following:

  • Available Bulletins – The bulletin button will become active when bulletins are available and you can see which bulletins have been completed or are unapplied.
  • Safety Bulletins – The bulletin button will flash yellow if there is an unapplied safety bulletin
  • Stop Sale Warning – If there is an unapplied safety bulletin, a warning is posted when a unit is added to a deal or a deal is being finalized. This is a warning and will not stop the process

Check out these helpful resources to learn more
about the available Yamaha Integrations:

Contact your Lightspeed sales representative
at 800.521.0309 with any questions.


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