See what our dealers are saying about Lightspeed
At CYCLES!128, the Parts Locator is one more aspect of the new DMS that’s showing promise and generating excitement for the dealership. The Parts Locator was a major selling point for us, and we’re highly enthusiastic about it. In a short amount of time, we’ve made new dealer contacts and have been able to find inventory we need, as well as move out inventory that needed to move. The Service department has also found that looking up customer information and creating reports are more flexible and processes are more simple with Lightspeed.
Jim Burns
Technical Director,CYCLES!128
Lightspeed provides our group of Marine Dealerships with accurate, real time information at our fingertips. We have real time data for our Parts and Pro Shop inventory. We can accurately track our Special Order parts for our customers. The real time Accounting module saves us time and money. We have the ability to not only have shared accounting between 3 locations, but also because we have identical charts in all of our locations, we can run Consolidated Financials for our entire group of Dealerships in minutes. The Accounting Module has been a life saver and a time saver. We have real time financial data at our fingertips. We will not operate our Dealerships using any other DMS. Lightspeed is the only choice for our Dealership Group.
Brenda Craw
MasterCraft Dealer Services, Utah Water Sports­
I started in the RV business in the mid 80’s. Over the years we have tried many different software platforms and have learned software is only as good as the users. Being in 20 groups since 2000 and visiting many dealerships over the years has truly validated our choice back in 2014 when we made that pain staking decision to change software providers. The Lightspeed team's professionalism, understanding of the RV business and desire to evolve their software is the best I’ve seen. They truly make it easy for every user, which in turn provides me with the correct data to make informed decisions.
Chris Andro
GM/Partner & Current RVDA Chairman,Hemlock Hill RV Sales & Service