See what our dealers are saying about Lightspeed
I would definitely recommend CDK Lightspeed EVO for several reasons. The fact that I can contact Lightspeed EVO Support and interact with well-trained people who have worked with the system and are interested in my progress is huge to me. Service Connect (and the ability to print pages from it and make notes for desk reference) has turned out to be a wonderful tool for me.
Byron Foster
Schafstall, Inc
I wanted to thank you and all the team at Lightspeed for the great support you provided during our transition to Lightspeed EVO. We completed all of the training and resolved all required and recommended updates before the transition and this really helped make things go well. All of the staff took advantage of the two weeks to demo the product using our converted data and that gave us a lot of confidence on conversion day. We accomplished the entire transition in about a month and have just done our first EOM. Things have gone very well and we continue to learn and appreciate all the new features. Sales and F&I are thrilled with the CRM and the integration into Major Units. The Service department is loving scheduling, texting and the ability to use phones and iPads to enhance all of our ROs. F&I is your biggest fan and says he loves the way all the laser forms work. Finally, the Parts team is finding the new interface and the ability to text and communicate with customers one of their biggest benefits. We also love being able to have more than one invoice open at a time.

Finally, the EVO integration with Voyager and BRP RISE is a major improvement over NXT. It’s really nice to be able to pull Sold Unit Counts and Inventory Counts in addition to the GL data. Making things easy is key for all us and you have succeeded in that.
Andy Galliher
Freedom Cycle
At CYCLES!128, the Parts Locator is one more aspect of the new DMS that’s showing promise and generating excitement for the dealership. The Parts Locator was a major selling point for us, and we’re highly enthusiastic about it. In a short amount of time, we’ve made new dealer contacts and have been able to find inventory we need, as well as move out inventory that needed to move. The Service department has also found that looking up customer information and creating reports are more flexible and processes are more simple with LightspeedEVO.
Jim Burns
Technical Director,CYCLES!128
Lightspeed EVO provides our group of Marine Dealerships with accurate, real time information at our fingertips. We have real time data for our Parts and Pro Shop inventory. We can accurately track our Special Order parts for our customers. The real time Accounting module saves us time and money. We have the ability to not only have shared accounting between 3 locations, but also because we have identical charts in all of our locations, we can run Consolidated Financials for our entire group of Dealerships in minutes. The Accounting Module has been a life saver and a time saver. We have real time financial data at our fingertips. We will not operate our Dealerships using any other DMS. Lightspeed EVO is the only choice for our Dealership Group.
Brenda Craw
MasterCraft Dealer Services, Utah Water Sports­
We switched from Lightspeed NXT to a competitor and after four months with the competitor, we’d had enough pain. Everyone in the dealership was dissatisfied with the competitor’s software. Their representatives misrepresented specific capabilities of the software. Our employees can pick up things quickly, but we just couldn’t get the competitor to work for us. It felt like we were going backwards from Lightspeed to the competitor. While they had some nice features, it took too many steps just to try to do the basic things we could already do in Lightspeed. Reporting is a big concern for our dealership, and we found that the competitor’s reports aren’t accurate and hard to understand. We have to contact the competitor daily with problems and have speed issues, which we never had with Lightspeed. Switching back to Lightspeed was an easy decision for us!
Wayne Powell