See what our dealers are saying about Lightspeed
We could not say enough great things about Lightspeed for our RV dealership! We love how seamless the system is! It has even cut a great deal of time and load off our office staff in all the atomization the system offers. My favorite feature of the system is how easy and seamless it is to build customer reports and modify existing reports to get accurate reporting on the exact information you are looking for! We have used several DMs solutions throughout the years and this solution is certainly my favorite!
Mariah Nelson
Gavin Point Recreation Center
We have been a long-time client of Lightspeed. During the spring of 2018, we opened up our new flagship dealership, Triumph Cleveland. We decided to try a different DMS provider because it sounded like it offered much of the same functionality as Lightspeed, but at a cheaper price point. While the provider was adequate overall, we found it lacked the necessary level of functionality for reporting and accounting – two critical pieces in understanding the performance of our dealership. The QuickBooks integration proved to be a less than ideal solution for Powersports dealers, which ultimately led us to switch DMS providers. Lightspeed is a rock-solid product, complete with built-in accounting software that provides a robust and foolproof process. We’re happy to bring Lightspeed into our dealership.
Cody Atkinson
State 8 Motorcycle, Ohio
Most salespeople we deal with tell us what we want to hear and dump us. Lightspeed is probably the first to back it up. I think the training you all do before hand is great, especially for a new dealership with limited knowledge of best practices. Feel free to send potential customers my way. I don’t give out many compliments like this, so enjoy it and know that you have truly earned our business!
Landon Barrow
Adventure Camper Sales
Having the right DMS is an important part of creating the proper foundation for a dealership’s current needs and future business plans. At OneWater Marine, we have grown from 8 to 50 locations in the last six years. This means we need a DMS that can handle the volume of transactions we create in a logical, systematic manner. We use Lightspeed because it is the best system out there!

We decided to go with Lightspeed for many reasons. We needed the ability to have shared accounting, integration across all departments and locations, and the ability to easily train end users. Without Lightspeed’s shared accounting we would not be able to streamline our internal processes, and provide the reporting and visibility needed to allow our controllers to manage 15+ stores each. Parts, Service, and Sales are all integrated and flow over to Accounting, eliminating the need to do journal entries from those departments. We are able to run financial statements for one or all of our locations.

Having the right partner to support our organization and help us manage change is key. When a dealership asks me what DMS our dealerships use and why, I don’t hesitate to tell them Lightspeed – it is the best thing they can do for their business.
Cindy Thompson
VP of Corporate Development,OneWater Marine
Lightspeed is a very intuitive, straightforward and easy to use DMS. As I continue to use Lightspeed, I find it to be logical, fluid and obviously designed by smart Accounting Professionals. As an end user, I realize the complexity of Lightspeed is staggering; however, the user is afforded well balanced and informative screens to navigate.

I appreciate the competent Lightspeed Transition Team that proficiently ensured we were up and running with little interruption and constant follow up. In addition, Service Connect helps us get answers to questions very quickly.

I give EVO a true thumbs up and encourage all dealers to implement right away.
Leslie Gilbert
Iron Horse Motorcycles
Our organization has operated dealerships with Lightspeed since 1993. In that time, we've grown from using just the shop floor modules (Parts, Sales, and Service) to fully integrating the Accounting component, along with value-adds like Loyalty.

Lightspeed is like any professional software familiar to end users—because it does everything, it is necessarily complex. Similar to a novice attempting to use professional photo-editing software, users might not be prepared for the “layers. ” We have found that, though the product requires a serious degree of engagement, dealerships that commit to that engagement are rewarded with smoother operations, greater quality control, and peace of mind.

Our biggest success with Lightspeed, despite the learning curves, has been in integrating accounting operations into the store in 2011. In taking that step, we were able identify heavy waste, light fraud, and save thousands on CPA services and fees. It is helpful to designate a key user in your dealerships, someone who can delegate training and onboarding, plus run primary point for support. By investing in a select number of team members' development, many common errors and practical mistakes can be avoided. Lightspeed is no easy investment, but it’s one well worth the time, money, and energy.
Jared Foster
Killeen Power Sports
I would recommend Lightspeed because it is great system. I like the integration and platform. There are good checks and balances between departments. There are tons of reports, and I can access a wealth of data with just a few clicks. If I have any issues, the support team helps me get them resolved quickly. I am very satisfied with Lightspeed.
Chris' Marine
Lightspeed has SO MANY amazing features that have cut out duplicating and sometimes triplicating efforts. Everything is in one package and it’s so nice to be able to pinpoint every single transaction. We love being able to communicate right from the product to send statements, buyers orders, or repair orders, and being able to attach documents to reservations, sales deals, and major units. There are so many wonderful features that we still have several uncompleted items on our task list.
Jessica David
Boat Tree Marina
I would definitely recommend Lightspeed for several reasons. The fact that I can contact Lightspeed Support and interact with well-trained people who have worked with the system and are interested in my progress is huge to me. Service Connect (and the ability to print pages from it and make notes for desk reference) has turned out to be a wonderful tool for me.
Byron Foster
Schafstall, Inc
I wanted to thank you and all the team at Lightspeed for the great support you provided during our transition to Lightspeed. We completed all of the training and resolved all required and recommended updates before the transition and this really helped make things go well. All of the staff took advantage of the two weeks to demo the product using our converted data and that gave us a lot of confidence on conversion day. We accomplished the entire transition in about a month and have just done our first EOM. Things have gone very well and we continue to learn and appreciate all the new features. Sales and F&I are thrilled with the CRM and the integration into Major Units. The Service department is loving scheduling, texting and the ability to use phones and iPads to enhance all of our ROs. F&I is your biggest fan and says he loves the way all the laser forms work. Finally, the Parts team is finding the new interface and the ability to text and communicate with customers one of their biggest benefits. We also love being able to have more than one invoice open at a time.

Andy Galliher
Freedom Cycle