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Hello RV enthusiasts! I’m Jeremy Johnson, senior manager of OEM & Business Development at Lightspeed Dealer Management Solutions, and I’m excited to invite you to tune into the latest episode of the SupplySide Showcase podcast hosted by RV Business. This episode is packed with valuable insights on the latest innovations and updates in dealer management systems that Lightspeed offers. Whether you’re a dealer looking to streamline your operations or simply curious about how advanced technology can revolutionize the RV industry, this podcast is a must-listen.

RV Business - SupplySide Showcase podcast

In our discussion, we delve into how Lightspeed is enhancing dealer efficiency and customer satisfaction through our cutting-edge management systems. We explore the benefits of our latest software solutions, designed to address the unique challenges faced by RV dealerships. You’ll hear firsthand how our solutions can help you manage your inventory, sales, and customer service more effectively, ultimately driving your business growth and improving customer experiences.

Join Rick Kessler, Chris Cieto (both of RV Business), and myself for an engaging conversation that covers everything from industry trends to practical tips for leveraging dealer management software. This episode is not just informative but also a great resource for anyone involved in the RV industry looking to stay ahead of the curve. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and insights that can help propel your business forward. Tune in now to the SupplySide Showcase from RV Business!

Jeremy Johnson

Jeremy Johnson

Senior Manager, OEM and Business Development

I'm a seasoned veteran in the powersport, marine, and RV industries with over 24 years of experience. I've spent a significant amount of that time in the digital and website space, and I absolutely love it. I recently celebrated my two-year anniversary at Lightspeed, where I get to work with OEMs and dealers and help them succeed in the digital world. When I'm not at work, I enjoy traveling with my family, watching my kids' sporting events, and exploring the beautiful outdoors of Northern Minnesota through hunting and fishing. I'm incredibly passionate about what I do, and I love sharing that passion with others. Whether it's working with my team at Lightspeed or spending time with my family, I'm always up for an adventure.

Lightspeed is the #1 Dealer Management Solution used within the Recreation industry for a good reason. We provide a completely integrated solution for dealers, OEMs and their customers. Our goal is to help you operate your business more efficiently and profitably so you can spend more time doing what you love.

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