Leveling Up Your Dealership

Hey there! If you work at a fun shop that sells powersports, boats, RVs, trailers, golf cars, or outdoor tools, listen up! It’s time to get tech-savvy. The days of relying solely on paper and pencil or even just an Excel spreadsheet are disappearing as fast as technology changes how dealerships work. Leveraging tech can streamline your shop’s processes, boost your profits, and enhance your overall awesomeness.

Despite the fast growth of technology, many dealerships are still behind in using it. A lot of them rely on old methods, which can be slow and lead to mistakes. This delay in using new technology means they miss out on chances to improve customer experiences, make processes smoother, and increase profits. Using modern dealership software and digital tools is important for these businesses to stay competitive and meet their customers’ changing needs.

Here are a few things to ponder:

Making Things Easier: Remember those boring tasks like organizing stuff or filling out forms? Well, there’s dealership software (like LightSpeed) that can do them faster and with fewer mistakes. Plus, with tools for electronic signatures, your customers’ experience gets better, and you save money on paper. And guess what? Technology can even make your team more mobile and complete transactions while in front of the customers on the floor or out in the yard. This mobility also leads to an increase in closing rates.

Being Super Nice to Customers: People like it when things are easy. So, with tech, you can make shopping super easy for them. Your team can communicate better, using email, texting, and video, so customers feel valued and understood. It’s like magic but not really.

Using Smart Ideas: Did you know computers can tell us what people like to buy? Yep! With cool tools, we can see what’s popular and what we need more of. It’s like having a super-smart friend helping us make good choices. You won’t waste space on inventory that doesn’t sell. Or you can be reminded to follow up with that customer who might be ready for an upgrade.

Telling Everyone You’re Awesome: Have you seen ads on the internet? That’s how lots of people find cool stuff to buy. With technology, you can show off your shop online, on your website, and on social media. That’s where people look first. More eyes on your shop means more customers!

Getting More Money: Here’s the best part – using technology can help your dealership make more money! When you work faster, make shopping easier, and know what people want, you sell more stuff. And that means more money for fun things.

So, let’s get tech-savvy! With cool tools and ideas, you can make things easier, impress your customers, and make lots of money. Let’s make your shop the coolest one around with the power of technology!

Pia Bingham headshot

Pia Bingham

Lightspeed Account Sales Executive
Pia Bingham brings over 15 years of customer support expertise to her role as an Account Sales Executive at Lightspeed. She began her career as a Technical Support Analyst, where she excelled in problem-solving and customer interaction. Her dedication and leadership skills led to her promotion to Support Supervisor, where she successfully managed a team focused on ensuring customer satisfaction. Pia holds a business degree from Salt Lake Community College, which has provided her with a strong foundation in strategic account management. Her blend of technical skills and business acumen has enabled her to thrive in the fast-paced and ever-evolving industry. Outside of work, Pia enjoys a balance of indoor and outdoor activities. She loves cozy nights in, especially during rough weather, but also thrives on outdoor adventures such as hiking, camping, riding her Ryker, boating, and snowmobiling. Pia's adventures are often shared with her beloved dogs: Arlo, a Pitador (Pitbull and Lab mix); and Boston Terriers, Kora and Maisy, Kora's daughter. These activities fuel her creativity and keep her energized.

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