Welcome to another thrilling outdoor adventure with Lightspeed! Today, we’re delving into a story from the heart of Utah’s wilderness, where Moab’s rugged terrain promises excitement at every turn.

Join Von Anderson, as he recounts a memorable journey through the challenging trails of Hell’s Revenge. This adventure, while thrilling in its own right, holds valuable lessons about maintaining momentum that are directly applicable to your business operations.

Years ago, while exploring Moab with my extended family, we embarked on an off-roading adventure led by my brother-in-law, a passionate 4WD enthusiast. Our destination: Hell’s Revenge, an intermediate to advanced off-roading trail renowned for its hazardous terrain and exhilarating obstacles.One of the payoffs of navigating this trail is a scenic overlook of the Colorado River. The Hell’s Revenge Trail is also filled with many other obstacles (Hell’s Gate, Lions Back, the Escalator) with challenges around every turn. Little did we know, this journey would offer insights into the importance of momentum in overcoming challenges.

Overlook of the Colorado River near Hell’s Revenge trail

About 30 minutes into our adventure, as we approached a steep ascent, we witnessed a fellow off-roader in a new SUV struggle to conquer the climb. Despite the vehicle’s capabilities, the driver’s hesitation led to the loss of traction, causing panic and, ultimately, retreating. This incident underscored a crucial lesson: momentum is key to success, both on the trail and in life.

Following my brother-in-law’s sage advice; don’t stop like the previous driver, keep moving forward and don’t lose momentum. Our group approached the ascent with determination and momentum. With our older SUVs in low gear, we tackled the challenge head-on, each member successfully reaching the summit. That simple but true advice was the key to our successful climb and rewarded with a scenic overlook of the Colorado River. The driver in the new SUV could’ve made it to the top if he had just kept moving forward.

Steep ascent at Hell’s Revenge with tire tracks from 4WD vehicles

The difference? We kept moving forward, refusing to succumb to fear or hesitation.

This simple yet profound lesson resonates not only in outdoor adventures but also in business. Navigating the trails of entrepreneurship can feel akin to navigating Hell’s Revenge—full of obstacles and challenges. Yet, by maintaining forward momentum, businesses can overcome adversity and reap the rewards of growth, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

At Lightspeed DMS, we understand the importance of momentum in dealership operations. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing innovative solutions that keep your business moving forward. Our latest feature, the Audit History Tool, available in the May 2024 release, is designed to streamline your dealership’s workflow and ensure you never lose momentum.

The Audit History Tool allows you to easily monitor and track events within Lightspeed, providing valuable insights into activities such as voided checks, service labor updates, employee timecard edits, and more. With this powerful tool at your disposal, you can stay informed, make informed decisions, and keep your dealership on the path to success.

If you’re ready to take your dealership to new heights and maintain momentum along the way, Lightspeed DMS is here to help. Contact us today or visit our website to learn more about how our solutions can empower your business journey.

With Lightspeed DMS, the path to success is illuminated, and the adventure awaits. Let’s keep the momentum going together!

Von Anderson

Von Anderson

Von Anderson is a seasoned professional at Lightspeed and currently serves as the Senior Product Manager for the RV vertical. With a rich history spanning 21 years at Lightspeed, Von has garnered extensive experience across various domains, including Support and Implementation, before assuming his current role.
Von's academic background includes a bachelor's degree in business finance from the University of Utah, providing him with a solid foundation for his career in product management. He has further honed his skills and expertise by obtaining a Project Management Professional Certification (PMP) from the Project Management Institute.
Based in West Jordan, Utah, Von shares his life with his wife and five children. Outside of his professional endeavors, Von's passion lies in embarking on outdoor adventures with his family. Whether it's hitting the slopes for a skiing escapade, pitching tents for camping under the stars, or exploring scenic trails through hiking, Von finds joy and fulfillment in experiencing the great outdoors with his loved ones.

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