Honda Lightspeed Integration

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Honda MC Integrations with LightspeedEVO

Honda U.S. OEM Financial Report:

Everyone in the powersports industry is used to running lean. Lightspeed and Honda are teaming up to help give you what you need most—time.

These interfaces are now available to your dealership free of charge. Please go to your Lightspeed subscriptions page to authorize your dealership to begin using these valuable new features. Contact your Lightspeed representative at 800.521.0309 with any questions.


Honda U.S. OEM Financial Report

Generate your Honda financial report in Lightspeed using our new OEM Financials report. After a one-time setup mapping your chart of accounts to Honda's PCSAS accounts, you can easily generate and upload the report to Honda. This spares you the time and manual entry that had previously been required to submit a report.

Unit Invoice Import

Import unit invoice information for new and existing units directly from Honda with a single keystroke. Changes to invoices will be imported and applied to the existing units. Save time and prevent manual entry errors.

Service Campaign Info/VIN Lookup

Quickly view any technical bulletins and recall information within a Repair Order or a sales deal. Users will receive alerts for new technical and safety bulletins from the DMS. Save time by adding jobs from the bulletin right to the repair order.


Cashiered ROs will be fed over to Honda iN. Easily process warranty claims without manually entering information from Lightspeed into iN. Save time and reduce the errors associated with manually entering claims into iN. LightspeedEVO will receive real-time data feeds.

Sales Unit Registration

When a sales deal with a Honda Powersports VIN is finalized in EVO, the information is sent directly to Honda iN. Imports contain all of the necessary information, so you can save time and avoid duplicate entries of customer and unit information.

Streamline Follow-Up

Honda Sales Leads Integration lets you receive and manage Honda-generated leads directly through your LightspeedEVO CRM.


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