Chapter 3 – Teamwork Absolutely Makes the Dream Work!

Over the last 18 months of our RV travel and work adventures, we’ve learned countless lessons about weather, animals, and more. But the biggest key component to making a remote career in the field I love work is… TEAMWORK.

The Importance of Teamwork

Traveling with my wife Michelle has been an incredible opportunity, and even after nearly 32 years of marriage, we still love exploring together! This is especially important now that we spend so much time in our cozy 30-foot home on wheels. (Yes, it’s cozy. No, that’s not a euphemism for cramped.)

Mastering Setup and Teardown

Through all our trips, we’ve turned the setup and teardown process into an art form, thanks to naturally developed roles. When we arrive at a new location, Michelle grabs a handheld radio (a must-have for parking the rig) and guides me into the campsite. We’ve developed our own language to direct the back end of the trailer, and now we can smoothly navigate even the tightest spots. And yes, we’re still happily married—miraculously!

Once parked, Michelle checks the level side-to-side and determines how many leveling “lego” blocks we need. She then drops the tongue jack to unhook the trailer from the truck. I handle removing the weight distribution bars (which I think everyone knows, can be a bit of a wrestling match) and setting the X-Chocks between the trailer tires. These chocks are a fantastic invention; they keep the trailer from moving at all. Trust me, I once tried to drive off with them still in place, and the trailer didn’t budge! Apparently, our trailer has stronger resolve than I do.

Efficient Workflow in Our Mobile Home

After disconnecting and leveling the trailer, Michelle sets up the inside while I connect the power, water, and holding tank hoses. We’ve got this down to about 15 minutes, all thanks to teamwork! Meanwhile, our dog Dino patiently waits in the truck, likely pondering his humans’ strange rituals, until we’re done. Then he rushes into the RV to claim his throne on the couch. He’s the real king of this castle.

Home Office?

Living and working together in our RV ensures I can get to work quickly and effectively from my desk, which was a key factor in choosing our floor plan. Setting up Starlink takes about five minutes, and we’re ready to go for the week. Again, big shoutout to Elon for letting us Zoom from the boonies!

The Benefits of Traveling with a Partner

If you have the opportunity to travel and camp with a partner, DO IT! You’ll improve together with each setup and teardown, ensuring nothing gets missed. Plus, you’ll have endless stories to tell and laughs to share. And if you can survive parking a 30-foot trailer together, you can survive anything.

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Brad Lloyd

Brad Loyd

Sales Account Executive – RV Division
I’ve been with Lightspeed for over 20 years, and in my role as Sales Account Executive in the RV Division, I get the opportunity to show recreational industry dealerships how Lightspeed can transform their business. I work with hundreds of RV, Trailer, Powersports, and Marine Dealers across the country, guiding them through the process of upgrading to a DMS. It's a complex process, but I find it incredibly rewarding.
An added bonus to my current role, is that I get to travel all over the country. I recently purchased a new 2022 Shadow Cruiser travel trailer, so now I spend most of my time on the road, experiencing the lifestyle that I promote.
Fun facts about me: I'm a US Army Veteran and served for 23 years in the Utah Army National Guard as an Army Musician specializing in Saxophone and Clarinet performance. Music is a huge part of my life, and I even took over my dad's Swing Band after his passing in 2020. When I'm not working or playing music, I love spending time with my five adult kids and one granddaughter, with another one on the way.

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