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BRP Integrations: Raise Your Rev Limiter

Speed is the commodity you need most. Now Lightspeed and BRP are giving it to you — with integrations that outrun duplication and inefficiency. You'll waste no time getting your customers into their vehicles, so they can go wherever excitement takes them.

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After entering a valid VIN in a service repair order, you can receive bulletin notifications for the following :

Available Bulletins

The Bulletin button will become active when bulletins are available and you can see which bulletins have been completed or are unapplied.

Safety Bulletin

The Bulletin button will flash yellow if there is an unapplied safety bulletin.

Stop Sale Warning

If there is an unapplied safety bulletin, a warning is posted when a unit is added to a deal or a deal is being finalized. This is a warning and will not stop the process.

Additional Integrations

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Accelerate Order Creation

BRP-Generated Order Import keeps orders moving while reducing data-entry errors.
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Streamline Follow-Up

BRP Sales Leads Integration lets you receive and manage BRP-generated leads directly through your LightspeedEVO CRM.
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Transmit Financials Fast

BRP Rise Integration allows you to send financial data directly to BRP RISE with a single click after mapping your Chart of Accounts; contact BRP RISE for more information.
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Ensure Unit Accuracy

BRP VIN Decoding pulls Year/Make/Model details directly from BRP when you enter the VIN during the MU Inventory and Customer Unit entry process.
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Receive Instant Price Updates

BRP Part Price Updates helps keep your pricing accurate by pushing nightly (EVO) or weekly (NXT) updates to your Lightspeed system; make sure you have escalators set up and set to auto update.
Major Unit Pricing and Options Updates

Major Unit Pricing and Options Updates

Receive Major Unit options and pricing data to quote a custom BRP unit for your customers.

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Enhanced BRP Parts Ordering

One-Click Purchasing

Generate and submit your parts purchase order directly to BRP with a single click.

Improved Accuracy

Reduce duplicate entries while ordering parts, accessories and apparel.

Easy Two-Step Process

Approve the order, then see any specific messaging.

Streamlined Receiving

Import BRP-generated orders directly into Lightspeed, reducing manual data entry.

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