Automotive Acquisition of Powersports Dealers

With an increase in independent Powersports and Motorsports stores being acquired by the auto industry and corporate groups, many folks have wondered: how will this impact the independent and traditional motorcycle shops?

I sat down and had a conversation with Donnie from D and K Motorcycle Center in Bountiful, Utah, and asked him some questions:

“How are the recent auto industry acquisitions of the Powersports dealerships throughout Utah affecting your business?”

His response was encouraging and enlightening:

“These auto industry and corporate-owned groups have deep pockets. No doubt, as you have driven around Utah, you’ve seen their billboards along the freeway. You’ve probably also seen their advertisements on YouTube and other social media platforms.

The smaller “ma and pa” motorsports stores like mine don’t have the large marketing budgets like these larger auto dealers. So, we’ve never been able to market to the extent they do. Thanks to corporate marketing campaigns, we’ve seen an increase in exposure to the motorsports industry, driving new buyers and customers into the market. 

In addition to new customers, we’re seeing an increase in parts and service sales. Folks who were inspired to purchase secondhand bikes or have been keeping their old bikes in storage now need parts and service. This is driving new business into my store and into smaller shops like mine.

For some of the slightly older motorbikes, the big box stores are referring customers to us for parts and repairs. So, it’s been a great partnership in that regard as well!

Last year was the biggest year in the history of our company! Some of that success is due to the auto industry and corporate-owned groups attempting to get into the Powersports space. So, we are thrilled to have them in our area.”

Donnie – D and K Motorcycle Center

Donnie from D and K Motorcycle Center with Bryan Tierney, a Lightspeed Solution Sales Manager and his wife, Ragina, both loyal customers.  

Donnie is a long-time Lightspeed DMS user and has always been an advocate for Lightspeed. He and I have been coworkers in the past, friends for years and I am a happy customer of his to this day.

Thank you, Donnie for the insight and keep doing what you do best: making motorcycle enthusiasts happy!

Bryan Tierney

Bryan Tierney

Sales Solutions Consultant

    When I think back on my childhood, some of my fondest memories are the Saturdays I spent with my dad at the local motorcycle shop. There was something special about walking through those doors and being surrounded by all the shiny new bikes on the showroom floor. The atmosphere of the shop was intoxicating, and I knew from a young age that I was hooked. As I got older, my love for the Powersports Industry continued to evolve. I landed a job behind the parts counter of that very same dealership and started my career using Lightspeed. It's hard to believe that was over thirty years ago! Over the years, my role with Lightspeed has changed many times, but the feeling I get when I’m in a dealership or at an industry event, always takes me back to those Saturdays with my dad. There's something truly special about this industry and the people within it, and I feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of it.

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