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Welcome to “An Insider’s Guide to Lightspeed,” a new blog series designed to help our dealers unlock the full potential of the Lightspeed dealer management solution. In each installment, we’ll highlight lesser-known features that can transform how you use Lightspeed, making you say, “Whoa! Lightspeed Does That?!” Today, we’re diving into System Alerts, a powerful tool to help you work more efficiently and stay on top of critical tasks.

Alert Prerequisites

Before you can start using System Alerts, make sure you’ve met these prerequisites:

  • Email Alerts: Ensure your dealership email configuration is set up in System – Lists – Communication Accounts to enable email notifications.
  • Text Alerts: Your dealership must have text communication enabled and a store account for text notifications.
  • Mobile Alerts: Users need a mobile device with the LightspeedEVO+ app installed.

Enabling Your Alerts

To enable System Alerts, your user security profile must have System Alerts enabled in the System menu access. Here’s how to set up your alerts:

Setting Up Your Alerts

  1. Navigate to System Alerts: Go to the System – System Alerts menu.
  2. Enable Alerts: In each section, check the box next to the alert types you wish to receive. The available alerts are determined by your security profile. You cannot set alerts for functions you cannot access. When you select an alert, detailed settings are displayed. You can click the drop-down arrow to the right at any time to display settings without changing the alert selection.
  3. Amount Limits: For AP Check and GL Account Balance alerts, enter the amount beyond which an alert should be triggered.
  4. Severity: Assign a severity level to the alert, which determines the color displayed: low (green), medium (yellow), or high (red).
  5. Notify Method: Choose how you’d like to receive notifications. Options include pop-up notifications in Lightspeed, email, or text (if your dealership has enabled texting). Some alerts, such as follow-up reminders, can also display on the user’s mobile device. Notifications will be sent to the email address or cell phone entered in the user security record.

Note: Ensure your dealership email configuration is set up in System – Lists – Communication Accounts to enable email notifications. Text communication must be enabled and your dealership must have a store account for text notifications.

By taking advantage of System Alerts, you can stay informed and proactive, ensuring that you never miss critical updates or tasks. Start using System Alerts today to streamline your workflow and enhance your dealership’s efficiency.

Available Alerts
The available alerts are displayed on the System Alerts page only if you have security access to the corresponding function.  Available alerts include:

AP Check

  • An AP amount is more than $X.xx
  • An AP check payment is made

CRM Lead – Inventory Match Alert to Request in Lead
Available only if the dealership is licensed for CRM.  

  • Salespersons can choose to receive alerts for customer units and/or Inventory units matching a requested unit when one arrives in the dealership.  You can specify the number of criteria that must match in order to show the alert. Make sure your email is current in your user security record if using Notify by Email.
  • A major unit record matching one of your leads is added to the system.

Click to Pay Click to Pay payment received for Repair Order

Follow Up – Available only if the dealership is licensed for CRM.  
There are two types of alerts for follow-ups:

Follow up reminder:  Schedule alerts for pending follow-ups.  You can select how long before the follow-up is due and set the alert to show as a popup on the desktop or mobile device as well as sending a text or email reminder.  (Must have LightspeedEVO+ app installed for mobile alerts.) 
Customer Has Arrived:  There are several “customer has arrived” follow-up alerts.  These alert the CRM Follow-Up owner when the status of an appointment is changed to Showed.

  • Customer has arrived  
  • Part Invoice Customer has arrived  
  • Rental Reservation Customer has arrived
  • Repair Order Customer has arrived
  • Sales Deal customer has arrived

GL Account

  • A GL account balance goes above $X.xx
  • A GL account balance goes below $X.xx

Major Unit – A new major unit record is added to inventory

OEM Import – Notify when a new OEM unit invoice comes available.

Online Estimate – Notify when a service estimate is created from a web service request lead, such as the Polaris Ride Ready integration.

Online Lead – It will send a notification to a salesperson that is assigned a lead and to any user that is subscribed to the Online Lead system alert.

Parts Inventory – A part cost amount is greater than the active price

Parts Invoice

  • A lost sale occurs on a parts invoice                                                                   
  • Any line on the parts invoice has a cost greater than the price
  • Invoice discount is more than X%

Repair Order

  • A repair order was completed
  • Changes were made to service jobs for a sold major unit:  If you have enabled the preference to enable deal adjustments after finalizing you can receive an alert for deal adjustments when additions or changes are made to a sold unit.  
  • A new job added by Tech (via the mobile app)
  • A labor line being checked as complete or unchecked from being complete (via the mobile app).

Salesperson Assignment – Salesperson Assignment Changed  

Workstation – The system alert for a new workstation added is a management and security feature that enables dealer personnel to get an alert when a new workstation is accesses the system.

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